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The 2008 Fight of the Year (Which You Never Saw): Lone Chaw vs. Yan Gyi Aung (Leth Wei)

Posted by Tommy Hackett on 27th March 2009

The above video is part one of the 2008 Leth Wei “Fight of the Year,” according to Setsuna, a frequent visitor to Myanmar who also frequents our forums.

For the uninformed, Leth Wei is a martial art from Myanmar (Burma), and its contests are essentially a bareknuckle form of Muay Thai — including strikes with fists, elbows, knees and kicks, and notably, with headbutts legal and fewer restrictions on takedowns. Unfortunately, Leth Wei footage is only available on VCD’s from Myanmar which feature some offbeat instant replays and sound effects… but I think you’ll agree the action is pretty spectacular. It is not for the faint of heart, and I don’t care if it ever becomes legal here, but it is fascinating.

I have heard that Lone Chaw, who is wearing the white shorts and fighting out of the red corner in the video, is the sport’s biggest star. His opponent, wearing blue, is Yan Gyi Aung and is moving up to “open weight” to challenge Chaw.

Click here for part one, if the video fails to embed properly on your screen above.

Click here for Part Two

Click here for Part Three

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